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Building Consents

It’s requirement of every local authority in New Zealand that you obtain a building consent if you are installing solar water heating. If you are building a new home then that consent can be “bundled” with your general building consent and normally won’t attract any extra fees. If you are fitting solar to an existing home (retro-fitting) then you will need to apply for a consent and almost all councils with charge you a fee. These fees vary widely and we can advise on this when we know where you live.

Local Authorities perform an important role and they are primarily concerned with two aspects of the installation – roof penetrations and the connection to your plumbing system. Relocating a cylinder to a roof-space or installing one on your roof will attract extra attention. Compiling all the documentation you’ll need for the consent can be time-consuming and we offer our CONSENTUS process for a small fee.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need a consent or that you can proceed with installation before the consent has been issued. Both these actions may impact on the value of your home and are in breach of local by-laws and the Solar Industries Association code of conduct.


All systems supplied and installed by Sunstream Solar come with extensive guarantees. All our panels and tubes are guaranteed for a minimum of 7 years from the date of commissioning and copies of these guarantees can be supplied upon request.

Even the very best solar water heating systems can be rendered useless or even dangerous by a poor installation. Please visit out INSTALLATIONS page to find out more.

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