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Mainlander EVAC - Solar for the South

Mainlander Solar Systems use the world’s biggest selling and most efficient evacuated tube design. Made using advanced European technology and manufactured in the World’s most modern facility, Mainland EVAC systems are already robust but because we all know just how tough New Zealand’s climate can be, we’ve added special features to make Mainlander even tougher.

Enhanced Roof Fixings mean that you’ll never have to worry about your solar system taking off in one of our Southerly or Nor-West gales. Our fixing systems exceed all recommendations from local authorities.

Richer Glycol means that even in the coldest temperatures and even when your home is without power you’ll never have to worry about damage caused by freezing.

Corrosion Resistant materials mean that even in salt-zones Mainlander offers total peace-of-mind.

Like all evacuated tube systems, the Mainlander comprises a number of double-skinned glass tubes and each contains a heat-pipe. The heat-pipe is heated to extreme temperatures even on dull days and this heat is transferred to the water in your cylinder via a circulating glycol mixture and a heat exchange coil. The number of tubes you need is proportional to the size of your hot water cylinder.

The Mainlander can easily be fitted to an existing hot water cylinder in good condition.

Man holding a Mainlander EVAC

Mainlander EVAC Tube

Mainlander EVAC Solar Panel Diagram

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