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Panels or Tubes?

Let’s talk about the most visible part of your solar water heating system and that’s the hardware on the roof. Technically they’re called collectors but to most people they’re either panels or tubes.

Flat Panels have been around for a long time and they’re a tried and tested solar technology. Generally speaking, they’re a low profile, glass covered, black plate through which fluid flows and is heated.

Evacuated Tubes are the new kids on the block and have quickly become the world’s biggest-selling solar technology. Double skinned glass tubes cover a copper heat-pipe that in-turn heats fluid that passes through the top of the system.

“But which one is best?”. There is no shortage of opinions on which is the better technology. The problem is that most of these opinions come from people with an agenda. It’s not surprising that someone who sells evacuated tubes will tell you their system is best and the same applies to someone who sells only flat panels.

That’s why Sunstream Solar is here. We have no agenda, we have both technologies and they both work just fine thanks. The decision to choose one over the other will come down to a number of factors but don’t let anyone tell you it’s about performance. It’s not. The major influencing factors in making this choice will be your location, the price and aesthetics. If you like some help deciding, talk to us.

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