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“How much will solar water heating save me?” – it’s one of your most frequently asked questions and it’s closely followed by “How long will the system take to pay for itself?”

For a start, let’s talk in averages. A well-installed solar system will save you up to 75% of your hot water heating costs and, for the average New Zealand home, hot water heating makes up 42% of the electricity bill. That means a saving of a little over 30% of the total bill.

The problem is that most people aren’t average!

If you have a young or teenage family, more than one bathroom, or just use lots of hot water then your savings are likely to be greater. You can, of course, make even more savings by being judicious about when you choose to use hot water and what you use it for.

The “pay-back” period for your system is directly proportional to the size of your electricity bill.

For most of our clients we calculate the pay-back period to be 6 -7 years but that’s based on electricity prices never increasing. Given that electricity prices seem to be constantly on the rise it’s fair to assume that your system will pay for itself even more quickly than this. It’s been calculated that the government’s new Emissions Trading Scheme will add about 10% to the price of electricity almost immediately upon its introduction. You do the math!

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