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Solahart have been supplying solar water heating systems to the New Zealand market since 1953. Manufactured in Australia, Solahart systems are found in more than 80 countries around the world. There’s even one in Antarctica!

What made Solahart famous is their thermo-siphon technology. With a thermo-siphon there are no moving parts in your system. No pumps needed! Your hot water cylinder will need to be located above your panels meaning that it can be either mounted on your roof or somewhere not visible within your roof-space. The patented Solahart panels then simply heat your water by convection as the heat rises up through the panels to heat your cylinder.

A Solahart thermo-siphon system is ideal if you are building a new home, considering replacing your hot water cylinder or if you live in a remote area subject to an unreliable electricity supply. These systems are perfect for bach owners who want hot water when they arrive. With no moving parts there’s no need to leave the electricity on when you’re away and you can arrive to a hot shower after a long drive. 

systems are recognised as brand leaders in the building industry. Their systems are BRANZ approved and carry a panel warranty that lasts for 10 years.

Solahart can also supply interest-free finance to approved purchasers.

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