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The Green Bit

Although solar hot water heating can make great economic sense we invite you to think about the wider implications of making a decision to embrace an environmentally friendly, self sustaining energy solution.

Although much of New Zealand’s electricity comes from hydro-electric facilities our energy demands grow every single year and there are no plans to build any more hydro schemes. That means that any extra energy we need must come from our limited geo-thermal fields, wind-power or, more often than not, burning fossil fuels. Burning oil, gas or coal creates huge amount of Carbon Dioxide and other poisonous gases. Carbon Dioxide has been identified as the major catalyst in climate change.

By making a decision to embrace solar technology you are helping to try and arrest global warming while at the same time making a sound financial investment.

If you are interested in learning more about climate change, we recommend the following information sources. (You’ll find more on our Useful Links page.) We’d also recommend to you the DVD “An Inconvenient Truth” presented by former US Presidential Candidate, Al Gore. If it’s not available at your local video store please ask them why.

Sunstream Solar is a keen supporter of Trees for Canterbury and the Green Effect Trust we’re also members of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network

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