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We’re proud to count locally owned Thermocell among our preferred suppliers.

Thermocell began to manufacture solar hot water panels in New Zealand over 25 years ago. Based in Christchurch, their flat-panel systems are designed specifically for New Zealand conditions and have well and truly stood the test of time.

The heart of the Thermocell solar system is the patented evacuated flat plate solar panel which resulted from a seven year research programme conducted by Professor A G Williamson at the University of Canterbury. It’s the only solar panel of its type available and it encompasses the best of flat panel and evacuated tube technology. It is an extremely efficient, reliable and visually appealing solar panel.

The panels are modular, slim and can be mounted on the roof using modern aluminium frames, or they can be mounted in the roof fabric for a smart, architectural look. On-roof installations can even be powder-coated to match the colour of your roof.

In a simple yet extremely effective system the Thermocell solar panel collects and concentrates the energy from the sun. The computer controller senses the temperature in the panel and cylinder to initiate the super quiet pump when optimum conditions are met. Fluid from the panel is transferred to the cylinder. A digital read out, which can be located anywhere in the house, monitors and displays information that keeps you informed of exactly how much energy you've saved.

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