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Hi there! The chances are that you’re here because you’re researching solar hot water heating. You’re probably trying to make sense of all the technologies and all the brands. If you’ve been doing it for a while then you may even be more confused than when you started out. That’s because there’s a whole lot of information out there - some of it confusing and some of it just down-right wrong. Trying to distil all this into an intelligent purchasing decision isn’t easy. That’s why Sunstream Solar exists. You see, we’ve already done all the hard work.

Our proudly New Zealand owned solar water heating company was formed to deliver choice and professional advice to homeownwers, architects, builders and business people.

Using careful research and evaluation we went out and discovered the best technologies available and then located the best manufacturers. We were concerned about exactly the same things you are so we assessed equipment on its efficiency, durability and good looks. We assessed manufacturers on their history in this market, their integrity and their ability to provide long-term warranties and after-sales support.

Now, through our agencies and exclusive arrangements we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a choice of three major brands and several different technologies including flat panels AND evacuated tubes.

And before you ask... it doesn’t cost any more to deal with us and receive independent, expert advice. You’ll pay exactly the same price as if you were buying from the factory door but you’ll have the added benefit of receiving our unbiased opinion on which system suits your situation the best.

There, that makes it easier doesn’t it?

Please take a look around and before you go make sure you go to our CONTACT US page and book a free, no-obligation, on-site solar assessment.

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